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Access high calibre leaders with rigorous search and selection recruitment.

Proactive search - quality selection

The Disruptive game changer is that our approach is undeniably bespoke. Disruptive consultants partner collaboratively and innovatively with clients to co-create an executive recruitment strategy that delivers quality results in the optimum amount of time.

Our partners would describe us as exceptional in the following key areas:

Stakeholder management

Working with inhouse teams can be difficult if you have not experienced the corporate coal face. At Disruptive, most of the team have experienced the challenges of recruitment for large corporations first hand as well as having experience using a coaching approach to stakeholder management. We listen to promote understanding and we’re not afraid to have tough conversations when needed.

Process Management

The Disruptive Difference, i.e. our process map is in our USP. Many companies offer elements of our process, but we have yet to find a competitor who offers a bespoke approach to leadership hiring with the depth of detail and attention to the client and candidate experience that we offer here at Disruptive. Always accountable, this is not a fluffy, head in the clouds claim, we have the metrics to evidence it.

Marzipan Layer Solution Specialists

Finding the difficult to find talent in the Marzipan layer that exists between executive search status candidates and those better placed in lateral hiring, we champion the competition by finding, courting and securing the next generation leaders in specific market areas.

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Fee (CTC%)
Discovery Calls YesYesYes

One of the most crucial phases in any engagement process is the discovery call. This is the time when, through honest conversation, together we determine if we are a potential match.

Recruitment Roadmap YesYesYes

The recruiting roadmap is an organization-specific plan to find and hire new leaders. The roadmap defines accountability and the milestones along the way.

Job Specification and Design YesYesYes

This is a due diligence process necessary to ensure Team Disruptive are representing your business accurately. Time well spent here will pay dividends later in the process and avoid unnnecessary difficulties when onboarding.

Ebrochure NoYesYes

If you want to attract the very best leadership talent, we need to include the design and delivery of a comprehensive ebrochure. The Disruptive ebrochure is an incredible value add and helps businesses effectively market themselves and their EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

Dedicated Resource YesYesYes

You will be allocated a dedicated resource from Team Disruptive. Your Disruptive Consultant will be your day to day POC for all communications

Market Intelligence NoYesYes

Disruptive Market Intelligence is a process where we obtain, analyse and communicate information that provides clients the necessary information on their market. Outputs include competitor reports, business and economic trends and candidate availability.

Candidate Interviews YesYesYes

We carry out highly specific candidate interviews to assess experience, suitability and qualifications based on the requirements of the role.

Video Interviewing NoYesYes

Using the most powerful video recruitment software solution available on the market. We have developed specifically to help streamline and improve the hiring process. It supports high-level engagements with talent, reduces time to hire and fills more roles, faster.

Online Personality and Culture Assessments NoYesYes

Holistic, scientifically validated career test that measures both candidates interests and personality traits based on the Big Five theories.

An assessment provided to job candidates to evaluate their ability to recognise patterns, to think objectively and to understand relationships

Culture Fit
Understand candidates motivations and values, identify their strengths, and evaluate if they match your current company culture.

Consultation on Interview NoYesYes

We help you translate complex people data into simple and effective leadership hiring solutions that last. Utilising people analytics, data obtained through our user-oriented talent assessments suite, we offer a full interview consultancy catered to your organization’s wants and needs.

Weekly Trackers YesYesYes

Weekly information download packed with timely data that maps the progress of your leadership hiring assignment

Cadence Calls YesYesYes

Facilitated on an adhoc or scheduled basis - your cadence call allows for a concentrated exchange of ideas and information.

Candidate experience roadmap YesYesYes

A fully compliant and documented candidate roadmap demonstrating key milestones, opportunities for case studies and marketing EVPs

Stakeholder Management YesYesYes

We adopt a coaching approach to stakeholder management. With over 50% of our team hailing from an inhouse background we respect the value of time, accuracy and results. We communicate with interested stakeholders on a weekly basis.

Integration coaching Level 1 NoNoYes

Disruptive have designed a coaching program that enables your new leader make a powerful impact early on in their tenure.

Integration coaching Level 2 NoNoYes

As above

New Leader Team Workshops NoNoYes

Combining personality and culture pre-assessments with an online or face to face workshop, the New Leader Team Workshop supports effective communication, promotes acceptance and understanding of others and is a solid platform to build high performing teams.

Data & Insights NoNoYes

A Disruptive Service that provides clients with data and insights on market trends that support evidence based decision making.

Succession Planning NoNoYes

Disruptive sucession planning is a process and strategy that will identify and develop new, potential leaders who can move into leadership roles when they become vacant.

Talent Pipelining NoNoYes

Disruptive Talent Pipelining is the perfect solution for businesses looking to find the very best passive candidate the market has to offer and at the same time reduces the time to hire.

Disruptive on Demand NoNoYes

An ideal service offering for businesses looking to have a solution in times of hiring surges and an ideal business continuity solution. Disruptive on demand gives our clients immediate access to their own Disruptive talent team.



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    A big thank you to all the speakers who participated in the roundtable. Your insights were valuable and appreciated. Look forward to engaging with more senior leaders from the industry over the coming weeks so keep an eye out for our other roundtable events.

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